Two VOSS men discussing in a workshop.

Cool systems for battery temperature control

Our thermal management solutions include the design and manufacture of line assemblies and their components such as sensors, valves, and connecting systems. In addition, we support our customers with tailor-made service in technical design and simulation.

Optimum battery temperature control is essential for maximum performance and range of electric and hybrid vehicles. The target operating temperature of conventional lithium-ion batteries is approximately 25°C. 

At this temperature, their life is maximized. To ensure this temperature level reliably, the battery must be cooled or heated accordingly.

Advantages of VOSS solutions for the customer:

  • Individual solutions with tailor-made line routings in a wide variety of cross-sections and materials for complex and smallest installation spaces
  • Quick connect systems from the specialist: robust, space-optimized, error-proof ("Double Lock Feature") and easy to install
  • Leak-tight and maintenance-free media-bearing systems along the entire service life of the vehicle
  • Production of complete vehicle-compatible samples in the shortest possible time in our own prototype workshops in Germany and at other locations
Line for thermal management

Line set with QC system 270

Line with sensor and connector

Line set with temperature sensor and QC system 270

Line module for thermal management

Line bundle with QC system 270DL

Quick connect systems for thermal management

VOSS quick connect systems for thermal management

Coolant valve

Modular valve system for opti­mizing coolant circuits

Temperature sensors

Integrated temperature sensors