Measuring a fuel system

System solutions for line and connection technology

VOSS Automotive develops and manufactures mechanically robust, thermally insensitive line and connection technology for fuel systems in trucks, buses, cars, agricultural and construction machinery, and stationary industrial engines – for diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol and hydrogen.

Our line assemblies consist of single-layer or multi-layer plastic tubes, hoses, connection elements, valves, heat and abrasion protection and mounts.

Our specialties in the field of fuel systems:

  • Lines assemblies consisting of single-layer and multi-layer plastic tubes and hoses
  • Quick connect systems according to VOSS standards, according to SAE J2044 and according to customer requirements
  • Line and connection systems for particularly tight spaces
  • Fuel drain line assemblies in common-rail systems (leak-off rails)
  • Fuel valves
Leak-off rail

Return line for common rail, QC systems 246NX and 249LB

Fuel line

Line module for diesel fuel

Fuel line with steel tube

Plastic and steel tube combination with QC system 246NX and tube fitting

Hydrogen line

Lines for hydrogen, QC system 246AX

Quick connect system 246 NX

Quick connect system 246NX

Fuel valve

SAE test connection valve