A man assembles a line in a truck

Research and development

Practical innovations can thrive only where the framework conditions are right and where the best conditions for testing are met.

This is precisely what we offer our engineers worldwide with laboratories for basic and developmental testing, workshops for vehicle analysis and optimization, a polymer technology center for testing extrusion and injection molding methods and centers for model making, pre-series and prototyping.

Close cooperation with technical colleges, technical universities and specialist institutes as well as a participation in the research company Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen (FKA) create our basis for solutions with a future-oriented mindset.

From prototype to series

In the production of ready-to-install modules as well as the assembly and integration of connectors, valves, sensors and other components, VOSS proves its end-to-end competence from prototype to series production.

The lines used are plastic or steel tubes or hoses, and combinations. VOSS makes connectors from plastic, brass and aluminum.

We use joining processes and surface treatments according to customer requirements. We create modules with proven components and procedures or design new tailor-made solutions.


Core competences with high customer benefit


Leak-tight line systems are a necessity. Fuels, coolants, AdBlue® and other liquids as well as gases may not escape the system uncontrolled. In pneumatic systems (compressed-air brake, air suspension, etc.), leak-tightness at the connection points is decisive for system efficiency, even if their relevance has not yet become established in all markets. Here, too, VOSS is at the forefront of designing the system for maximum tightness.

Solutions for tight spaces

Which vehicle systems have unlimited space for line installation? You are right: none! On the contrary, the available space is usually minimal, whether it is the thermal management of batteries, the SCR system, air brake or other applications – in cars, commercial vehicles or construction and agricultural machines. The standard systems from VOSS are already constructed optimized for space. Upon customer request there are also more specific individual solutions.

Optimization of systems

For us, this is not an empty buzzword. We optimize the systems in development, for example towards efficient function performance, maximum safety, easy installation and a small diversity of parts. Along the course of product usage, experiences from real applications are included in further developments. In addition, we analyze vehicles of all kinds for the points mentioned and give optimization suggestions to the customer.

Efficient heating concepts

Electrically heated systems are developed by VOSS for SCR applications, for fuel cell systems and for water injection. For SCR technology, heating by means of cooling water and a combination of both concepts are possible as an alternative. The focus is always on efficient heating for safe thawing or for protecting the liquid against freezing.

Innovative plastics processing

At the VOSS Polymer Technology Center, VOSS is developing new ways of extruding plastic tubes and plastic injection molding processes. We find the right processes and materials for every customer-specific application, especially when alternatives to previously used plastics are needed. Our own production facilities at various locations offer mono and multilayer tubes and corrugated tubes. The design and manufacture of injection molding tools in-house completes the VOSS plastics expertise.

Uniform manufacturing processes

VOSS Automotive works worldwide with identical processes according to uniform manufacturing principles. The iVOS (international VOSS Operation System) concept ensures that customers receive consistently identical products at all their locations worldwide. Whether you receive your SCR, thermal management, compressed air or fuel line from Bulgaria, China, India, Mexico or Poland – VOSS quality is assured.