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Sensing the future: Line and connection technology with integrated sensors

Intelligent vehicle systems rely on sensors. In the future even more than today. VOSS Automotive makes a significant contribution by integrating sensors into SCR, compressed air and thermal management systems.

The sensors extend the range of functions of the VOSS modules, optimize the system behavior, are fit for tight installation spaces due to their compact dimensions and help to save weight and components.

Pressure sensors for pneumatics

VOSS has developed a concept for combining its connector systems with a pressure sensor to detect air pressure in brake, air spring and auxiliary circuits in commercial vehicles. The small and lightweight sensor comes pre-assembled on the matching connector and can be rotated 360° for easier installation. The VOSS sensor-plug combination is ideal for confined installation spaces. It saves weight and time and eliminates the need for complex structures with separate branches, adapters and brackets.

Temperature sensors for thermal management

VOSS temperature sensors are the intelligent, fast and flexible solution when temperature information is needed within thermal management lines. The temperature sensors are integrated in various VOSS quick connect systems. The result is a compact design that makes installation particularly easy and uncomplicated. Since the measurement is made directly at the plug connection, it achieves improved accuracy with shorter response times. By eliminating the need for separate lines, leaks cannot occur there and assembly costs are reduced.

Quality sensors for SCR systems

VOSS SCR lines become intelligent. They no longer just carry the AdBlue® and can thaw it reliably. Now the line modules also allow the determination of pressure, temperature, medium or urea concentration in the line. As a result, AdBlue® dosing strategies can be optimized. Further advantages include uniform heating of the sensor and SCR line as well as its compact design and resistance to contamination.

Pressure sensor

Pressure sensors

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensors

Quality Sensor

Quality Sensors