Customized and standard solutions for battery temperature control

Thermal management line

Thermal management in new energy vehicles is indispensable for maximum comfort, performance and range. One key focus is on optimal battery temperature control.

As the service life of current lithium ion batteries is maximized at about 25 °C, the battery must be cooled and heated to consistently ensure this temperature level.

VOSS Automotive offers comprehensive solutions for battery temperature control:

  • Individual service with design and simulation of liquid cooling systems
  • Development and production of preassembled lines and components
  • Integration of sensors, valves and connection systems


Benefits of VOSS solutions for the customer:

  • Individual line solutions with precise routings in diverse cross sections and materials for complex and smallest assembly spaces
  • Quick connect systems from the specialist: space-optimized, error-proof (“Double Lock feature”) and installation-friendly
  • Leak tightness and maintenance friendliness of the media-carrying systems over the entire service life of the vehicle
  • Waste heat reduction by line insulation
  • Production of fully vehicle-compatible samples in the shortest time at in-house prototype workshops in Germany and at other sites


Special feature: Sense/Control Hub

The VOSS Sense/Control Hub is a proportional valve which simplifies and optimizes complex coolant circuits in new energy vehicles. It is designed for proportional mixing and/or splitting of coolant flows and allows efficient utilization of the available heat. For a complete intelligent system, sensors and electronics can be integrated.

Advantages of the VOSS Sense/Control Hub:

  • Continuous and precise flow and temperature control
  • No pressure pulsation
  • Minimized pressure losses
  • No tracking errors
  • Low delays in systems during state changes
  • Small number of valve units compared to switch valves
  • Customer- and application-specific adaption of valve characteristics
  • Variable connector types and number of ports
  • Integrated angle sensor for diagnostics and precise regulation
  • No power consumption for holding valve position

VOSS thermal management solutions are already tried and tested in thousands of new energy vehicles on the road, contributing globally to the prominent target of eco-friendly vehicular traffic.


VOSS Automotive at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2018

From May 15 to 17, 2018, VOSS will exhibit the complete product range for thermal management in new energy vehicles at booth 448. We are looking forward to seeing you at the show.