The VLOW - the first product from the VOSS Incubator

The team of the VOSS Incubator in Aachen explores new business fields and products outside of VOSS core business. Today, the first product is presented: the VLOW.

The VLOW is a smart home device to visualize your water consumption and raise awareness for a conscious water consumption. The VLOW can be attached to the water tap as well as mounted to the shower, washing machine or other water sources by using standard fittings. The water consumption and the temperature profile are measured per VLOW. The measured data is displayed via an app. The visualization of water and energy consumption leads to a new transparency and a new awareness of personal water consumption. With the app you can challenge yourself and friends to save water. Together we can achieve even more.

The aim of VLOW is saving water as climate protection! Wasting water goes hand in hand with wasting resources and energy. The VLOW supports a more sustainable and conscious lifestyle. In addition to the ecological advantages, you also save money due to lower water and heating costs.

After the conception of the product, now it needs a market trial. Since the 20th of October 2020, the VOSS Incubator is presenting the VLOW on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for design and innovation. If there are enough supporters on Kickstarter pledging the goal funding within one month, VLOW will be produced and sold. 

To make the VLOW become reality we are looking forward to your support. Find out about the VLOW - Simply Save Water or on