VOSS Automotive expands its range of services in the field of battery energy storage systems

The specialist for line and connection systems, VOSS Automotive, is expanding its product portfolio to include liquid cooling solutions for battery energy storage systems (BESS).

The achievement of sustainability in industry continues to be a hotly debated topic, especially for manufacturing companies. The automotive industry is no exception, as VOSS Automotive, a prominent automotive supplier, is intensifying its efforts in the development and research of sustainable technologies. Their focus extends beyond the confines of traditional vehicle sectors, as they strive to collaborate with their customers in creating a more ecologically conscious future.

BESS: Harnessing energy from renewable sources with optimum temperature control of battery systems 

In the realm of battery energy storage systems (BESS), VOSS Automotive is making adjustments to its efficient and integrated line and coupling systems. These modifications are aimed at enhancing the compatibility and performance of their products within the context of BESS. BESS are containers with battery modules in which electricity from renewable energy sources is stored. In addition, BESS are used for frequency regulation. In the industrial sector, they can be used as an alternative to diesel generators as emergency power generators and as an "Uninterruptible Power Supply" (UPS).

To ensure the battery cells remain within the optimal temperature range throughout their entire lifespan, VOSS Automotive has innovated a line system that incorporates a vent valve and a "double flow stop" valve. The latter effectively prevents the coolant from leaking when the battery modules are being removed. The installation space-optimized and maintenance-free connection technology ensures user-friendly assembly and disassembly. By optimally controlling the coolant, these customized systems maximize performance and extend battery life, creating a cost-effective solution for those seeking to harness electricity from renewable sources.

Marvin Chlench, Business Development Manager at VOSS Automotive, enthusiastically remarked, "Through our pioneering and tailored line and valve technology, we are taking another significant stride towards a future powered by renewable energy sources. Through our innovative system solutions, we now also enable optimal temperature control for battery modules in BESS containers. This advancement signifies the efficient storage of energy, particularly from renewable sources, which can be seamlessly integrated into the power grid whenever needed. By enabling this capability, we are empowering ourselves to provide sustainable technologies and assist our customers in proactively addressing the global shift towards renewable energy and a greener future.”