VOSS Group acquires HENZEL Automotive

2-stage 8/4-way proportional/cross valve & 4/2-way water mixing valve with actuator

VOSS Automotive announces the strategic acquisition of the Hessian company HENZEL Automotive GmbH. This step complements the VOSS Group's development and production competencies in the automotive business unit for continued growth in thermal management. Henzel is successfully developing a range of innovative product solutions, particularly for battery-electric vehicles, which enable customers to use highly efficient components and system solutions for thermal management.

The product portfolio includes thermostats with integrated sensors, passive and actively controlled switching and proportional mixing valves and highly integrated function modules. To this end for example, valves, sensors, conduits and an electric cooling water pump are integrated into a completely ready-to-install module that will go into series production in 2022. It is the prelude to a new generation of particularly cost-effective and space-optimized system solutions in thermal management, which will also be expanded for higher volume flows.
HENZEL Automotive GmbH's special strength derives from its innovative ideas combined with a high degree of vertical integration, which extends from product design to toolmaking and its own assembly automation. This has enabled Henzel to win a number of production-series nominations from well-known European premium manufacturers for new battery-electric as well as conventional vehicle platforms. The Gründau site is being expanded to include a multi-story production hall for series production, which will be completed in mid-2021. 

The bottom line is that the VOSS Group, a partner with long-term commitment, provides both the employees and the municipality of Gründau with good prospects for shaping the future. 

With the acquisition of HENZEL Automotive, the VOSS Group has taken a significant step in its evolution from component manufacturer to system provider.